Do you have a stressful relationship with your own body?

Are there things that you want to accomplish, but it feels impractical?

Do you find yourself emotionally eating or eating when you are not hungry?

Are you having trouble losing weight and/or keeping the weight off?

Is your digestion in terrible health?

Are you sick of living in acceptance?


If you are tired of going in circles, trying many different diets and constantly failing, then health coaching is perfect for you. It is time to discover what works best for your specific body in order to thrive. My custom-fit programs will introduce you to plant-based foods that taste good and allow you to take control of your life! With my help, you will experience a mind-body transformation that will completely open new doors in your life. You will finally get the body and lifestyle you dream of!



  • Weight loss

  • Control of emotional eating and food addictions

  • Less belly bloat

  • A focused way of eating that fits your specific lifestyle

  • A definitive understanding of how foods affects your body

  • Simple at-home meal planning

  • Tips for navigating restaurant menus

  • Increase in energy

  • Confidence

  • A more positive view on life and your future

  • In-person, Skype and phone-call sessions available

  • Exclusive Access to Private App, which includes:

    • Private messaging

    • Group forum

    • Surveys

    • Daily posts

    • Accountability


  • Accountability

  • Customized plan to reach your specific fitness goals

  • Training sessions located where it is most convenient for you

  • Online programs available

  • Unique training sessions that never feel like a chore


personal training with Lydia Halbert
personal training with Lydia Halbert